Friday, February 5, 2016

Pastor Harris' Surprise 60th Birthday Bash!

What a fun evening event we had this past weekend!  We were contacted a couple of months ago by our friend Jennifer who was looking to host a birthday celebration for the pastor of her church.  We began the planning process, and knew it was going to be a great time!  But it's hard to do the event justice just by writing about it.  Over 200 guests showed up to honor and surprise Pastor Harris!  The doors opened upon his arrival to his congregation cheering, "SURPRISE!", and then heading into a chorus of Happy Birthday.  From there, it was an evening of non-stop sharing and visiting within the community.  Member after member stepped up to share stories of how Pastor Harris has touched their lives; there was even a gorgeous song written for the pastor and played live that evening!

Thank you so much to Jennifer and her church for allowing us to be a part of such a special day!  It was so fantastic to meet everyone and get to see the joy and community spirit within the room.  Happy Birthday again Pastor Harris, from the Hawthorns Team!

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